Main Street Books hopes to improve in this year’s “Give a Child a Book” fundraiser

Give a Child a Book Fundraiser

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - A local bookstore in downtown Hattiesburg kicks off its fundraiser called "Give a Child a Book,"

Main Street Books are taking donations from now until December 14th.

For every $5 raised, one light bulb will be lit up on a tree the bookstore plans on putting out.

Last year, the bookstore raised $750. This year they want to raise over $1500.

The store owner says each kid deserves to have a book to read no matter what.

"Reading a book is your friend,” said Diane Shepherd, owner of the bookstore. “When you read you can go places that you might not otherwise go. You can learn things that you might not otherwise learn. There's just a lot is to be said for having a book, having your own book, and holding a book in your hand."

If you want to donate, just head over to Main Street Books in downtown Hattiesburg.

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