Section of Highway 11 dedicated to Coach Phillip James Jr.

Section of Highway 11 dedicated to Coach Phillip James Jr.

MOSELLE, Miss. (WDAM) - The section of U.S. Highway 11 from its intersection in the city limits of Ellisville to Hall Street in Moselle will now be known as the Coach Phillip James Jr. Memorial Highway.

A dedication ceremony was held at Moselle Memorial Baptist Church on Thursday. People from across Jones County came out to honor the late coach.

“I told them when he passed away, he was a mentor to me,” said former U.S. House Rep. Ronnie Shows. “I had great parents and all that, but you know, I find coaches and teachers a lot of mentors for a lot of kids. I just think that he was one of them.”

James coached several sports at both Moselle High School and South Jones High School.

He was best known for coaching boys’ and girls’ basketball at both schools.

"He was one of them type coaches, where they may all have wanted to kill him during practices and while they were playing, but later on, they all come back and thanked him for how much he had done for them in their life,” said Stan James, son of the late coach.

James' children say they are honored for their father to be honored in this way.

“It’s an honor to the family,” said Stan James. “We’re just honored. I hate that he wasn’t around to see it, but that’s generally how it happens. People are dead and gone before they are recognized a lot of times.”

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