Lumberton police chief terminated by city

Lumberton police chief terminated by city
Adam Jones was named Lumberton's interim chief in March before being sworn in in June.

LUMBERTON, Miss. (WDAM) - Former Lumberton Police Chief Adam Jones is speaking out after being terminated by the Board of Aldermen this week.

Jones said he went into work on Wednesday and was told by a deputy that he was no longer employed with the department.

According to Jones, Mayor Quincy Rogers later told him that the Board overruled the mayor and decided to fire Jones during its Tuesday night meeting.

Jones said he reached out to board members to find out why he was terminated but was told they could do so without cause or explanation. Jones released the following statement to WDAM:

My job first and foremost is to follow policies and procedures and to protect and serve the citizens of Lumberton. Some elected officials made my job difficult at doing just that. When you don’t play by their rules, then they don’t see you as the best candidate for the job. I enjoyed my time serving as the Chief of Police/Patrolman with the City of Lumberton, and looking forward to my future endeavors.
Adam Jones

WDAM reached out to Rogers for a statement on the situation but he was not available.

Jones was named interim chief in March before being sworn in in June.

Lumberton has a history of not being able to keep a police chief. Since fall 2017, the city has been through five.

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