National School Bus Safety Week

National School bus Safety Week

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - If your children ride the bus five days a week, twice per day, how can you be sure they are safe from the time they leave their pickup location to arrive at school and vice versa?

This week is National School Bus Safety Week. A team effort is needed from parents, teachers, bus drivers, motorists and students to make sure safety is a priority.

This year’s theme is “My school bus, the safest form of student transportation.” School buses were designed to be a safe mode of transportation. Now some districts in the Pine Belt are equipped with cameras. This is a helpful tool for bus drivers who most likely will not look behind them due to their focus being on the road and getting to their destination safely.

Transportation Director of Lamar County School District, Pat Kribbs, broke down the numbers. They transport around 5,000 kids per day. They operate around 124 routes each day. They have 157 buses in their ownership and at least 124 that operate in a day.

The other positive side to students taking the bus to school is that “one school bus on average takes 36 cars off the road,” Kribbs also mentions the amount of traffic that is minimized.

Each district is different, for example, the Hattiesburg Public School District operates with three tiers in which they stagger with the middle school getting dropped off at home first, then the primary school and high school.

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