Schwartz and McGruff talk to kids about Halloween safety

Schwartz and McGruff talk to kids about Halloween safety

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to the safety of the kids who are out looking for fun and lots of candy.

That’s why Attorney Richard Schwartz and McGruff the Crime Dog were in the Pine Belt Wednesday talking to area kids about Halloween safety. They talked about being visible while outside and the importance of letting their parents check their candy before eating it.

They also told the students to carry flashlights, glow sticks or use reflective tape or stickers on their costumes which would make them much more visible.

McGruff, always popular with the kids, gave them hugs and high-fives after they pledged to be safe this Halloween.

Schwartz also handed out over 800 reflective Halloween bags with candy on the inside.

“You know, when we were kids, our parents just let us go and didn’t think about any danger, because it seemed like a much simpler time,” said Schwartz. “We live in a more complicated time, and as adults, we now know how dangerous it really is and so precaution is the key and making sure your children can be seen and see where they’re going and make sure they’re safe this year.”

Kids are encouraged to walk on sidewalks when possible and to never enter a home unless an adult is with them.

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