400 residents in Mount Olive getting new water meters

Mount Olive installing new water meters

MOUNT OLIVE, MS (WDAM) - The town of Mount Olive has begun installing new water meters for all residents.

Mayor Cliff Kelly says old meters need to be replaced so the city can get a more accurate account of water usage and detect water leaks better.

It’s a $176,000 project, funded by a loan from the South Mississippi Planning and Development District.

A company called Red Oak Construction is installing the meters.

A total of 400 are being replaced.

“You don’t have to actually go and manually read each meter,” said Kelly. “It transmits out to a laptop computer and records the direction, gives you an accurate reading that can break it down into every 15 minutes on a graph once you point it out, so if you’ve got a leak detected or something somewhere that’s actually running through the meter, it will record that.”

Installation began this week, but was suspended Thursday due to some technical issues.

Kelly says when the work resumes, it should take about three months to complete.

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