Expert explains the purpose of lovebugs

The purpose of lovebugs

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - One thing is guaranteed during fall in South Mississippi. The return of the dreaded lovebug.

It’s the bug that everyone loves to hate and the scourge of the earth to any car owner, but this tiny bug actually has a God-given purpose.

“They are feeding on the decomposing plant material that would be found down below the grass above the soil layer,” said Donald Yee, with The University of Southern Mississippi.

Their job is to decompose dead vegetation, whether its leaves from the trees or grass clippings, they take care of it all.

“The larvae are actually feeding on that decomposing plant material that we find in our lawns. So, we’re pretty much responsible for the proliferation of lovebugs, because we tend to keep a lot of water on our lawns here in the U.S.”

You heard that right. We may be partly to blame for the yearly reemergence of these insects.

Lovebug season here in South Mississippi may be coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean that we’re out of the woods just yet.

“There’s usually, like I said, there’s two pulses of them. There’s a spring pulse and then a fall pulse. We will see a spring pulse, and those are going to be the ones that are down in the thatch from about now until spring, so the eggs are being laid right now,” said Yee.

These tiny bugs are a big problem for car owners, because once they die, their bodies become highly acidic and can actually dissolve your car’s paint. So, you want to be sure to scrub them off your vehicle as soon as possible.

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