Several changes coming to ACT test in 2020

Several changes coming to ACT test in 2020

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Changes to how students can take the ACT test are coming.

Students can now retest on one section instead of retaking the entire test.

“It will be good because if I didn’t score very well on the math, I can retake that and maybe not end up taking remedial classes,” said Lamar School District Counselor Colleen Morris. “It’s expensive to take the ACT. It’s about $52. This will be cheaper, we don’t know how much yet, they haven’t told us, but that way they could just on that one section instead of having to go and take all four tests.”

Superscoring will also be a new element to the ACT test, which will allow students taking the test to submit their best scores to colleges.

But, one of the biggest changes will be the option to take the ACT online. This will make getting results and a composite score faster than ever.

“Some students may feel more comfortable taking the test online,” Morris said. “ACT is putting that push out there so students will be able to choose how they want to take it.”

The Lamar County School District will be doing a pilot run of the online exam during the Oct. 26 test.

Half of the students will be taking the ACT on paper, the other half online.

“It’s such a huge part of college entrance,” said Morris. “I think this will help students better prepare and know what they are getting into when they go to college.”

These changes will officially go into effect in September 2020.

These are the dates for the ACT test.
These are the dates for the ACT test. (Source:

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