Collins Elementary teachers celebrate first “A” accountability rating

Collins Elementary celebrates first "A" rating

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - Teachers at Collins Elementary School took a brief time out from staff development Tuesday to celebrate a historic accomplishment at their school.

Collins Elementary School recently received an "A" rating on state accountability tests and dozens of educators at that school decided to mark that accomplishment with a luncheon.

It’s the first "A" rating for the school.

Two years ago, the school had an "F" rating on accountability tests.

"This is the first ever "A" for our school," said April Johnson, assistant principle. “I’m excited for our faculty, staff and our students and especially the community.”

“I’m so excited, the kids were super excited too, so it’s a huge accomplishment,” said Kathy Duke, a 4th grade teacher at the school.

"It’s thrilling to know that [kindergarten] is the beginning and then, the end product was the “A,” said Maxie Brooks, a kindergarten teacher at the school.

Missy Rogers, principle of Collins Elementary School, said the school achieved the high rating due to, “dedication, determination and lots of rigor in the classroom and a positive attitude more than anything.”

“We let the students know they were very capable and we held them to high expectations,” Rogers said.

Accountability tests for the 2019-2020 school year begin next March.

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