USM hosts Hood, Reeves in first gubernatorial debate

USM hosts Hood, Reeves in first gubernatorial debate

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Republican Lt. Governor Tate Reeves and Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood met for their first gubernatorial debate at the University of Southern Mississippi Thursday night.

Both candidates are on the ballot for the Nov. 5 general election.

Their debate focused on issues like equal pay, gun control, healthcare and the state flag.

But, the topic of respect also came up.

One of the moderators asked both candidates what they respected about each other.

Reeves said he respected Hood’s dedication to public service while raising small children.

Hood, on the other hand, said he respected Reeves ability to raise campaign funds.

“He’s raised $11 million in campaign money and he’s done it by giving away our tax money,” Hood said. “You’ve got to give him credit for it.”

“The way in which (Hood) chose to answer the question, that’s up to him,” said Reeves. “I’m focusing on offering conservative solutions to Mississippi’s problems.”

Meanwhile, the independent candidate running for governor says he’s getting no respect from either of the major political parties.

David Singletary was not part of the debate Thursday night, although he says he should’ve been.

He favors term limits and wants to legalize marijuana in Mississippi for medical and recreational use.

He met with the news media at USM before the Reeves/Hood debate began.

“[The two parties] don’t take me seriously, I don’t take them seriously,” said Singletary. “Because they’ve made Mississippi last my whole life, so his ain’t no joking matter, we’re doing it for the citizens of Mississippi.”

The citizens will get a chance to see a second televised debate between Hood and Reeves next Monday, Oct. 14 from Columbus.

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