How to spot the subtle signs of fall

How to spot the subtle signs of fall

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - Fall in South Mississippi usually doesn’t feel like fall since the leaves are late to change and it’s normally still warm. But, there are other signs all around that you can look for to know that fall is here.

The biggest sign that fall has arrived is the humble spider lily.

“Typically the end part of September into the first part of October, you’ll see them popping up all over town,” said Ricky Adams, of Adams’ Nursery in Petal.

This sign usually stays hidden all year, until the right moment arrives.

“After spring is over, you don’t notice the foliage. The foliage dies back in the bulbs, sits dormant underground until it begins to cool off again in the fall,” said Adams.

Spider lilies are an old time favorite for many across the south.

“It’s one of those along plants because it was easy access. You know how many years ago you just didn’t run to the nursery and buy flowers. They were certainly available, but it was just not something that everybody did or had the money to do. But, that one was easily shared from one neighbor to the next. If somebody had them, they could dig them up the bottom and pass them onto friends,” said Adams.

Another sign of fall is the emergence of the goldenrod. You don’t have to look far for this one as it flourishes everywhere, including on the side of many roadsides across Mississippi.

This flower was wrongly accused for decades as the cause of fall allergies, but we now know they are caused by ragweed, which sprouts at the same time as goldenrod.

So, while the leaves still haven’t changed just yet, there are still signs of fall all around. All you have to do is to look down.

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