Mississippi Task Force III trains for public works emergency

Mississippi Task Force III trains for public works emergency

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - More than 30 members of Mississippi Task Force III came out for trench refresher training on Tuesday.

"We do everything from swift water rescue to rope rescue, confined space, trench, structural collapse, we even do over land search and rescue,” said Deputy Leader Ryan Pigott.

They were put in a public works incident simulation where the group had to work together to save the workers.

"Had a couple of guys down in a trench,” said Pigott. “We simulated a collapsed pipe resting on top of the victim. They came in, laid panels down. They put panels down in the trench itself and shot some air shores down in there. That keeps the dirt and Earth from collapsing on top of them as they treat the patient."

The teams do different types of training regularly so that they can stay prepared for anything.

"Tomorrow they may be responding to a rope incident,” said Pigott. “The next day after that they may be responding to a structural collapse or swift water incident. So, we require all of our members to refresh on all skill sets on a 24-month period."

The force responds to disasters and emergencies throughout the Southeast.

"Whether it be man-made or natural, we respond to hurricanes,” said Pigott. “Even if the local public works or county agencies needs assistance and anything that falls outside of their scope, we're there for the call."

Task Force III is made up of 80 first responders from across south Mississippi.

There are more than 300 first responders who make up all three of the Mississippi Task Forces.

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