Hattiesburg Zoo hosts annual “Sloth-A-Thon”

Hattiesburg Zoo hosts annual "Sloth-A-Thon"

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Usually, in a marathon, you race to the finish line, but in a “Slothathon,” slow and steady wins the race.

The Hattiesburg Zoo held its second annual Slothathon on Saturday night. Participants got to go around a sloth course, where there were donuts and beer along the way.

Also, ‘Maple,’ who’s the daughter of the sloths ‘Chewy’ and ‘Mo,’ made a special appearance. VIPs took a selfie with the cuddly animal.

The zoo said they thought of this idea offer something fun to the Pine Belt. The event is so popular that folks from Jackson came out to see the sloths.

“They’re just so slow, awkward, and cute,” Richard Hobbs said.

“Well, last time we got to kind of feel them, and their fur was really soft,” Tracie Hobbs said. “Just what they look like, they’re just really slow.”

“You pretty much get a chance to be lazy and do nothing,” Hattiesburg Zoo guest service member Demetric Kelly said. “And take your time going around our race run. It’s a 0.5K run, not really a 5K run. But it’s a play on a run, we just kind of want to make light of working out every day.”

All proceeds from this year’s Slothathon will go towards the expansion of the Sloth exhibit at the zoo.

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