Camp Shelby’s impact on the Pine Belt

Camp Shelby’s impact on the Pine Belt

CAMP SHELBY, Miss. (WDAM) - Since 1917, Camp Shelby has trained around 2.5 million soldiers from all over the country.

“We certainly are looking at exercises every year,” said Colonel Bobby Ginn. “We are continuing to gain momentum. A lot of people are noticing out there what the capability of Camp Shelby is.”

Camp Shelby has been a part of major deployments since World War I leading up to the current war on terrorism.

Its purpose is to train soldiers, get them ready to go into combat environments and to defend the country.

“The number one mission continues to be to train soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines,” Ginn said. “We train a lot of special force units that come in here. We do about 10 joint exercises a year here at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center.”

Over the years, the base has grown to have a $30 million economic impact just in this area.

“When you kind of bring the whole state into the picture, it’s about $400 million dollars,” Ginn said. “Camp Shelby is certainly an economic engine for the state of Mississippi.”

Camp Shelby is the largest National Guard Training facility in the country.

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