Cleanup begins at Vikki Layne’s after vandalism

Cleanup begins at Vikki Layne’s after vandalism

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Cleanup has begun at Vikki Layne’s restaurant in downtown Hattiesburg after it was vandalized.

Owner Vikki Layne Terrell said she doesn’t know who could have done this to her restaurant.

“We’re packed literally Thursday through Saturday nights,” Terrell said. “Groups of people wait on us to open. Things were going well I feel like. I finally felt like I had harmony with my staff. I’m not really sure.”

She said she does not want this to divide the Hattiesburg community.

“I get it on both ends,” said Terrell. “I don’t just get the crazy racists, I get the other side too. Sometimes when you’re young and you’re working hard, everybody isn’t going to like you. I’m just not one of those people who dwell on that.”

Terrell opened the business in April.

She said the next step is to finish cleaning up and move forward.

“Honestly it’s very discouraging,” said Terrell. “The best thing that I can do is try to ignore anything negative. All these people that think it’s over with, all these people that are angry, that are mad, that never wanted me here on both sides of the spectrum, not just one side or the other. I have to prove you wrong.”

There is currently no new information regarding this investigation.

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