Study shows pets benefit senior citizens health

Study shows pets benefit senior citizens health

PETAL, Miss. (WDAM) - A study done by Home Instead Senior Care showed that adults aged 65 and older who have regular interaction with animals have reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness.

"Seventy percent of seniors said having a pet impacts their decision on how they are going to age, facility wise or staying at home,” said Anna Edenfield, co-owner of Home Instead in Petal.

Home Instead Senior Care helps seniors who live at home be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Edenfield says just a few minutes a day with a furry friend can make an impact.

"What they found is, just a half hour interaction a week really makes a difference in their lives as far as lowering blood pressure and seniors going through different treatments at the hospital,” said Edenfield.

Edenfield said family members will often bring over their own pets for their loved ones to play with.

“We all really know the benefits of having pets can be,” said Edenfield. ”It doesn’t even have to be a dog. It can be an unusual pet, it could be a bird, it could be a goldfish. The thing is, the seniors are making a connection where otherwise they do feel more isolated and lonelier.”

For more information about Pets and their impact on seniors, you can check out the Home Instead Senior Care website.

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