Mississippi leaders react to impeachment inquiry

Democratic-controlled House to begin impeachment inquiry against Pres. Trump.
Democratic-controlled House to begin impeachment inquiry against Pres. Trump.(Source: WVUE)
Updated: Sep. 25, 2019 at 8:13 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi’s leaders are joining in on providing reaction to the impeachment inquiry. The state’s Republican Congressional leaders are calling the impeachment proceedings a political game.

“With the Speaker getting involved, it actually scares me that the Democrats are putting politics over the American people," said Congressman Steven Palazzo-R. "It started with conspiracy and collusion, the Mueller investigation and it’s proven to be a waste of time, a waste of taxpayer dollars and this impeachment inquiry is going to be the same thing.”

Congressman Michael Guest said attention should instead be on finding solution to infrastructure, immigration reform and the opioid crisis impacting folks at home.

“I urge Speaker Pelosi to abandon this reckless attack on our President and our democracy and to join us in getting back to work on the issues that the American people elected us to solve," noted Guest.

Siding with several other Democrats in the call to impeach the President is Congressman Bennie Thompson.

“I support the U.S. House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry. The President’s conversation with the Ukrainian officials was against the law. He requested that they investigate a United States citizen in an effort to help him steal another election. Additionally, the administration blocked the Inspector General from disclosing the whistleblower complaint. As a nation, we have no other alternative. We must protect our constitution and the United States of America’s national security. The President has abused his power, obstructed justice, and violated his oath of office. Moreover, the President of the United States of America should not put his political interests over our national security. No one is above the law. Therefore, he must be impeached and subsequently removed from office.”

We also reached out to the gubernatorial candidates for reaction to the inquiry.

“What’s happening in Washington, D.C. is a circus," said Tate Reeves. "It’s a circus because the Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi has been trying to impeach President Trump since the day after he got elected. First they had made-up charges on Russia. And now they’re making up charges about the Ukraine. Before we know it, maybe after the next election they’ll be talking about something in Switzerland. the reality is it’s not about what the President’s done. They don’t like his policies. It’s a political game to them. They want to attack the President because they don’t like his policies. they don’t like conservatives. It’s sad. It’s shameful what Nancy Pelosi is doing.”

Jim Hood provided a statement.

"I’m focused on our race for governor and on the local issues affecting Mississippi such as education, roads and bridges, and healthcare. All of the craziness and gridlock in Washington has created a positive response here in Mississippi where moderates in both parties are coming together to move our state forward. Seeing Republicans, Democrats, and Independents support our campaign lifts my spirits that we can create an economy where our kids don’t have to leave our state. We can govern effectively with this type of coalition.”

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