Hattiesburg pastor speaks on church vandalism

Hattiesburg pastor speaks on church vandalism

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - On Tuesday morning, Venture Church cleaning crews discovered graffiti plastered along columns and doors in the east venue entryway, which has since been repainted.

"In our 10 years of being out here this fall, is that you reach a lot of people and you get a lot of attention,” said Lead Pastor Jeff Clark.

Clark said this vandalism act is not going to stop the church from moving forward.

“We realize that the building is just a building,” said Clark. “The church is the people. Within just a few minutes, we had people that came and were willing to clean everything up and to move forward, which we’ve done.”

Clark said the church is always updating security measures, which as he said are playing a big part in this investigation.

“We are fortunate to have cameras and have a lot of information on the cameras,” said Clark. “Authorities have that. We are always developing our security so that this is a safe place to worship.”

Clark thinks people who want their voices heard are who committed the crime.

“People want to be heard,” said Clark. “They see things that are happening around them and a lot of times they will act out and do things. We want to reach those people. We feel like these are the kinds of people that we want to hear the gospel.”

The Hattiesburg Police Department is still on the hunt for a suspect.

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