Lamar Co. Sheriff’s Dept. undergoes advanced handgun training

Lamar Co. Sheriff’s Dept. undergoes advanced handgun training

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - For the last two days, the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department has been doing Advance Handgun Qualification Training.

"It’s more in-depth than just regular hand gun training that we do during our regular in-service,” said instructor Lt. Jason Kesler.

The training consists of different scenarios for deputies to get through.

“The guys come out here and we run different scenarios, run and gun scenarios,” Kesler said. “It’s very little static shooting, it’s all on the move. It’s a reinforcement of fundamentals and weapon manipulation, equipment manipulation and familiarity.”

The department does training sessions like this several times throughout the year.

“We do the advanced in service two, sometimes three times a year,” said Kesler. “It’s not always firearms training, but this year we chose to do firearms training. Normally we do six regular in-service trainings a year.”

Instructors say the training helps deputies become as efficient as they can be.

“We carry these guns for a living, so these guys need to be extremely proficient with them,” said Kesler. “We work among the public and in the event, the unfortunate event that we have to use them, the proficiency and liability reasons, we need to be as good as we can get so we train as often as we can.”

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