Lamar County School District needs bus drivers

Lamar County School District needs bus drivers

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Lamar County School District has to get 5,800 students to school and back home safely and on time each week, but they need some help to do that. Lamar County School District Transportation Director Pat Kribbs said the district is still below the number of drivers they need.

“We still need four to five bus drivers,” Kribbs said.

That may sound like a small number, but Kribbs said filling each spot for each route in the district will make a big impact when you consider the numbers.

“Right now we have 157 school buses,” Kribbs said.

He said more than 50% of the children in the district ride buses to and from school.

“Totally, we need 124 bus drivers on a daily basis,” Kribbs said.

He said that is not including the substitute drivers the district has to have. Kribbs said the district is doing its best, but occasionally there are delays. He said to change that those interested in becoming a driver need to meet these requirements.

“You have to have a class B CDL with a P and a S endorsement," Kribbs said. “The P means passenger, the S means school bus endorsement. If you don’t have your CDL we will be glad to help you get that CDL.”

Like with any job, pay matters and Kribb said it’s competitive throughout the Pine Belt.

“We start at $12.24 an hour,” Kribbs said.

Kribbs said other incentives are medical insurance and drivers pay into the state retirement system. Kribbs said those are the requirements and motivations to apply for the job, but he put it plainly when he stated what you need to possess to keep the job.

“Love kids," Kribbs said. "That’s the number one priority.”

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