Online appointments available for driver’s license renewals in new DPS pilot program

Online appointments available for driver’s license renewals in new DPS pilot program
The Wait Anywhere pilot program is now available at six driver's license stations throughout Mississippi. (Source: MS Dept. of Public Safety website)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Getting a driver’s license has turned into a day or more of planning for many Mississippians.

“I have been here and stayed here all day before and had to come back the next day,” said Ricky Shaw.

“You have to sit here and wait and wait and wait," added Tanya Madden. "Grab your ticket and then it takes forever to get up there.”

Now, the new pilot program called “Wait Anywhere” will let you plan ahead and make an appointment online. The goal is to alleviate some of those wait times and frustrations.

“We do have access to go in and change the system based on availability so we will not be able to overbook ourselves. So, as we have examiners available we can go in and make adjustments to the system.”

Here’s how it works, you’ll go to the website and find the “Wait Anywhere Appointment” option on the left of the screen. It will ask you to select one of the six locations piloting the system and then it will ask for your cell number.

“Currently it is day-of appointments," said Becky Pierson, DPS Driver Services Marketing and Development Director. "They will make an appointment. Once you go online, it will give you the next available appointment. Once you arrive, then our next examiner will take you.”

You can log on to make appointments from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. currently. 11-1 is the designated lunch time so no appointments will be available at those times.

One woman had heard the horror stories of long lines and jumped on the chance to try the new system Wednesday.

“I did it online and they said we’ll text you 30 minutes before your appointment," explained Kathy Henry. "Be there 10 minutes early. I’m right on time and I’m excited about it.”

The appointment system is for drivers license and ID renewals only.

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