Pine Grove therapist speaks about suicide warning signs

Pine Grove therapist speaks about suicide warning signs

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Tuesday was World Suicide Prevention Day and health professionals around the globe are hoping increased awareness will decrease the incidents of suicide.

People of any age can have suicidal thoughts, but older people are more prone to taking their own lives, a clinical therapist says, because of loneliness or bad health.

Ted Crawford, a clinical therapist at Pine Grove Outpatient Services, says family and friends can make a difference.

“Anything you can do to connect with someone or to let them know that you care and that they’re not alone, will be a huge factor in maybe turning them around,” said Crawford. “Don’t talk around the subject, say the words, ‘ending your life,’ ‘are you thinking about killing yourself?’ Say the words, it’s not dangerous, it’s not going to push them to do it, in fact, statistics show that it does the opposite.”

Sept. 8-14 is National Suicide Prevention Week and the month of September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

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