Covington Co. woman says vicious dogs terrorizing her neighborhood

Covington woman says vicious dogs terrorizing her neighborhood

COVINGTON COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A Covington County woman wants supervisors to do something about vicious dogs roaming her neighborhood on Robert Barnes Drive.

Ruby Ducksworth hasn’t been bitten by the dogs, but she’s felt threatened and she says several of her cats have been killed by them.

She wants a leash law passed.

“They’ve come to my house and killed several of my cats, and also, they’ve knocked loose my pipes and in my shed back there, they’ve broken glass, they tore wire loose from a cage I bought,” said Ducksworth.

Supervisors say adoption of a leash law for the county is unlikely, but they agree something needs to be done.

Ducksworth says law officers have told the dogs’ owners to tie them up, but after officers leave, she says the dogs are turned loose.

“With law enforcement, it has to be something horrible happened before they can really address any situation, but we don’t want that to happen, we want to be able to come up with some solution before something horrible happens,” said Arthur Keys, District Five supervisor for Covington County.

Ducksworth says her remaining cats have been put in a protective enclosure outside and she says the dogs recently tore up part of the enclosure trying to get to them.

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