CVS, Walgreens, Kroger follow Walmart’s lead in asking customers not to carry guns in stores

Walmart and Kroger ask customers not to open carry in stores

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Walmart’s decision to ask customers to not openly carry guns in stores sheds light on recent shooting sprees nationwide.

With Mississippi being an open carry state, does that mean Walmart can still stop you from carrying your gun in their store? A local firearm instructor weighs in.

“In the state of Mississippi, a lot of folks here are very pro gun. People get upset if they trample on what they believe is their second amendment right to carry a firearm.” says Firearm training Coordinator Chad Winkler.

CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger are adding to the growing list of stores stepping forward with their decision to not allow open carry in their stores, and it’s sparking questions for gun owners.

So the next time you go to any of these stores, will you have to leave your gun behind?

“If say Walmart puts up a sign that says no open carry firearms then that becomes a place where you can not open carry. If there is no sign? Then you can legally carry!”

Winkler says there is still a way you can bring your gun into these stores even if there is a sign.

“Even places like this that have signs put up, they can still carry with the ‘enhanced carry endorsement’ if they take a certain class. They can get the enhanced carry endorsement and actually be able to carry in a lot more places than what open carry allows.”

The hot topic is making waves, especially right here in the south.

“I believe you should be able to open carry in any of those stores because a lot of crime can happens there. You could be kidnapped or anything dangerous like that,” says Joe Howard.

But Justin Clark says he supports the new changes.

“I have always been against guns in any open spaces like stores, churches etc. We should put the heat on our law enforcement instead,” says Clark.

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