Lumberton police chief addresses drug issues

Lumberton police chief addresses drug issues

LUMBERTON, Miss. (WDAM) - Drug use and sales have become a major issue for the City of Lumberton. Just last week, a man was arrested on drug related charges at a local restaurant.

“You name it. From marijuana laced with fentanyl to black tar heroin that’s making a comeback, I’ve taken it off a few people,” Lumberton Police Chief Adam Jones. “The opioid epidemic is here.”

“The young man was caught in a restaurant here in Lumberton with a great amount of narcotics on him packaged up as if he was going to sell them,” said Jones. “We caught up with him. He was a man we had been trying to help with the drug addiction that he had.”

Jones said he and his team are doing what they can with the resources they have to get the drugs and those who sell them off the streets.

“I’m utilizing all my resources that are necessary,” said Jones, “Lamar County Narcotics, local, state and federal agencies I’ve reached out too, we are working together to combat this growing epidemic of narcotics in our community.”

Jones wants to remind anyone who might be selling drugs, that they will be caught and punished.

“If you’re willing to play, you’re willing to stay in the Lamar County Correctional Facility,” said Jones, “Once we catch you, and we will catch you, just be willing to hold up to the end of that bargain because you know it’s illegal.”

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