Hattiesburg City Council says proposed budget is a win-win

Hattiesburg City Council says proposed budget is a win-win

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The big topics from Tuesday evening’s citizens forum and public hearing were raises for city employees and no property tax increase for the City of Hattiesburg.

Council President Carter Carol said the proposed budget for fiscal year 2020 is a win-win for the city. He said they plan to improve city services, rebuild Fire Station #2 and build a new fire station, #9 nine, on U.S. Highway 49.

Another takeaway from the meeting was a draft of an updated animal control ordinance. Hattiesburg Customer Service Coordinator, Joe Paul, said there are a few revisions to add before a final draft is presented to the council.

“In-home hobby breeding is not disallowed in this ordinance," Paul said. "It has not been before, but we will make that more clear. We are also going to make an exemption for service animal and law enforcement animals, that if anything in the ordinance will impede them from helping those that they are there to serve, whether they are sight impaired or have other kinds of disabilities, that an exception will be made that the dog can do what it needs to do without regard to any animal control ordinance.”

The council will vote on the budget at the next meeting, and hear the third draft of the updated animal control ordinance.

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