Lamar Co. agrees to 250K contract for sportsplex master plan

Lamar Co. agrees to 250K contract for sportsplex master plan

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Lamar County Board of Supervisors has agreed to a $250,000 contract for a sports complex master plan.

"It is a good bit of money, but it’s needed to get a plan together before we take the next step to actually try to fund and plan a sportplex,” said county administrator Jody Waits.

The next step is to get an assessment of what is currently in the county in order to determine what is needed.

“This is not only involving a centralized sports facility, but it’s improving facilities throughout the county,” said Waits. “They are doing an inventory of what we already have or what is being planned throughout the county so they can incorporate that in the plan.”

Next, several potential sites across the county will be looked at to see where the sportsplex will be built.

“Up to six sites that are potentially large enough and in the correct place to house a sportsplex,” said Waits. “From that they will narrow it down to two. They will then primarily design those two and present them to the board. The board will then decide on one site.”

After a site is found, the actual planning and creation of the facility can begin.

“3D designs, fly through designs, to be able to look at marketing material,” Waits said. “They will actually propose a citizen-led structure to help oversee and maintain the parks in the future.”

The final step is to find out how much construction will cost as well as where the money will come from.

The overall timeline for the master plan is expected to be 16 to 18 months.

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