Grow with Google program comes to Mississippi

Grow with Google program comes to Mississippi

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - In a digital world, small businesses need an online presence to grow.

Google realizes many business owners may not have the skills they need to remain competitive.

That’s why they’re traveling the nation to teach classes on digital literacy.

The program was held at the public library in Hattiesburg and featured multiple classes for business owners to learn how to grow their business online.

“This program helped me as far as learning how to promote myself, learning the wording," said one business owner who attended. “When I do advertising online, how to help other people find me online. In the end that’s more clicks, more visits to my page and hopefully more business.”

Google sees this as a way to help smaller communities grow economically.

“We understand that last year over $168 million of economic activity was driven by work that happened with Google," said a Google spokesperson. So, we recognize that working with Grow with Google tools really does help businesses take center stage when it comes to being digitally present beyond Mississippi but across the globe."

Google will continue to do this around the nation to educate businesses on their products and services as well as the digital world.

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