Lamar County works toward bond for road repairs

Lamar County works toward bond for road repairs

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Lamar County Board of Supervisors took action Thursday by approving a resolution of Intent to bond up to 7 million dollars for road repairs.

“The funding for that, to pay that bond, is going to come from the recently passed infrastructure bill,” said county administrator Jody Waits. “That will bring probably an additional 7 to 8 thousand dollars a year into Lamar County for us to improve roads.”

According to Waits, the board is hoping this will speed up the process of getting several road projects completed throughout the county. They have been presented with a list of roads that need updating.

"Some of those would be Lincoln road Phase II to Oak Grove Road, improving some intersections on Oak Grove Road and also completing other projects throughout the county,” said Waits.

In next month’s board meetings, the board plans to work toward borrowing the money, and hope to have it within the next month.

"At that point, that speeds the process along and it could be conceivable that those moneys within 60 to 90 days could be available for us to begin the projects,” said Waits.

The estimated timeline for the road repairs after the bond is obtained is around three years.

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