Golden Eagles grind to improve rushing game in 2019

Golden Eagles grind to improve rushing game in 2019

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Southern Miss welcomes several new members to the coaching staff this fall – including offensive coordinator Buster Faulkner and offensive line coach Ryan Stanchek.

Both coaches agree the success or failure of USM’s offense is equal parts the responsibility of the quarterback, running backs, receivers and offensive line.

The Golden Eagles hope to revamp a rushing attack that ranked 13th out of 14 Conference USA teams last season with an average of 112.6 yards per game.

"It all starts and ends up front and with the quarterback,” Faulkner said. “Those are the two things we've got to be good right there and we’ve got to have a great deal of trust with those two positions. The good thing is is there's a lot of want to."

"Running the football is more than just one group,” Stancheck said. “We have to put it all together and the quarterbacks with their reads have done an awesome job. It all comes down to technique and pad level and coach [Jay Hopson] always tells us tough people win. We gotta be tough and play with low pads and come off the football."

“Last year we didn’t have the success we needed and it’s unacceptable as far as that goes,” said USM senior offensive lineman Drake Dorbeck. “Just learning the plays and getting the trust of the running backs to hit the holes that we make and create. Same with the pass protections, [Jack Abraham]’s got to trust us [Tate Whatley]'s gotta trust us, whoever’s back there.”

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