Speech and language center opens in Laurel

Speech and language center opens in Laurel

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - Insight Speech and Language Center in Laurel officially opened its doors Thursday.

The center will offer a variety of different types of therapy for children.

“We do speech therapy, language therapy, feeding therapy and dyslexia therapy,” said owner Amanda Matthews. “That can cover so many different things. I have background in autism spectrum disorders. My master’s thesis was on children with autism and that’s what where I work. I love working with that population.”

There are three rooms in the center: A Structure Therapy and Feeding Therapy room, Dyslexia Therapy room and a Play Therapy room.

“I wanted to be available to families,” said Matthews. “Especially that maybe have children with autism or more complicated developmental disorders. That really need one on one parent training. Committed therapy to their entire family, the whole child and focus on them.”

Matthews said she wanted to bring this to the Laurel community because it was desperately needed.

“What I hear time and time again, having worked in the school system for the last three years, is just not a lot of access to speech therapy services,” said Matthews. “So, I’m bringing those specialties here to Laurel in hopes that we can serve communities and our families that have stepped outside of our county.”

The center is open to anyone, not just those in Laurel.

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