Perry County adds new after school programs

Perry County School District students now have access to three new programs

Perry County adds new after school programs

PERRY COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Perry County 21st Century Full STEAM Ahead Program has added several new after school programs.

The program already offers classes such as culinary arts, art, drama and theater and robotics.

Jasmine Smith, director of Federal Programs and Curriculum, said the new programs being offered this school year is digital media, technology and broadcasting, photography and 3D Printing.

According to teachers, these classes allow students to have the opportunity to have hands-on experience for the real world.

“I really enjoy walking around and seeing the students in a different program instead of in the English classroom," said site coordinator, Gayle Draughn. "I love seeing them in the culinary arts getting their hands in food and preparing and washing dishes. And then also especially for me the drama classes. I love to go see the kids perform in the drama classes.”

Parents can enroll their child in the 21st Century Program by visiting the Perry County Middle School and high school for more information.

Registration began Thursday and ends on Sept. 3, 2019.

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