Mother seeks justice in son’s 2011 murder

Jasper County man murdered after break-in, mother wants answers

Mother seeks justice in son’s 2011 murder

JASPER COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Seeking justice and fighting crime isn’t just a job for law enforcement.

Linda Parker, mother of the late Maurice McDonald, said witnesses can be a big help in her son’s case. She’s experienced this issue firsthand.

“People can’t walk around and kill someone and think that it was okay and they are still loose and free about it,” said Parker.

McDonald was shot and killed eight years ago inside his Jasper County home.

Parker said that he son was murdered in Heidelberg, Mississippi. Investigators say someone broke into his house and shot McDonald in the chest. He was later found by family members in the middle of the hallway.

It’s been at least 2,952 days since the 25-year-old was murdered.

“I do not have closure to his case,” said Parker.

We reached out to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department regarding the case.

“No one is willing to come forth and give a written or verbal statement to proceed in prosecution,” Master Sergeant Chris Thompson said. He added that the case has been shared with an independent cold case investigator.

Parker said she just wants justice for her son and hopes someone will come forward and give investigators tips to lead to an arrest.

“Anybody that’s out there that still has information, that can help give our Jasper County Sheriff’s Department some information on who killed him and for me to get closure,” said Parker.

If you have information about Maurice McDonald’s case, call the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office at 601-764-2588 or contact Crime Stoppers.

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