Testimony continues in wrongful termination suit by former FBI agent

Testimony continues in wrongful termination suit by former FBI agent
Warren Flowers said the agency discriminated against him when he was wrongfully terminated. (Source: WDAM)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - A federal court jury in Hattiesburg heard more testimony Tuesday in a lawsuit by a former FBI agent, Warren Flowers, who says he was wrongfully terminated from the Bureau.

Flowers took to the stand where he testified on his behalf about the events that led up to the firing. He asserts one of the reasons for which he was fired was as a result of a hostile work environment and for mistakes he made due to the lack of training from the Hattiesburg Field Office.

During cross-examination, attorneys for the FBI presented to jurors signed and sworn documents showing Flowers admitted that he did indeed falsify documents and misled his supervisor on more than one occasion.

In those documents, there was a summary report stating Flowers was unable to determine logical investigative measures on various cases, even with guidance and did not follow through on logical leads.

The report went on to say that Flowers had been observed during interviews in which he was the lead agent, to be playing on his phone while other leads he oversaw were mishandled and his case/source documentation was deficient.

However, Flowers testified that the summary report by his supervisor was not accurate and his previous testimony was only inaccurate because of limited information he had at the time it was given.

Later in the day, key witnesses took the stand for Flowers, including current and former Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents, testifying about the leadership role Flowers played in the cases he was involved with.

Flowers was terminated after an investigation by the Inspection Division of the FBI for multiple infractions.

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