Some in Jones Co. Hispanic community react to ICE raids

Pine Belt Hispanic community reacts to ICE raids

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Some people in the Pine Belt Hispanic community are reacting to Wednesday’s immigration raids across Mississippi.

We spoke to several people who gathered Friday at Ellisville’s Peniel Christian Church.

Many said they had family members and friends detained by ICE in those raids.

Among those speaking out was Kevin Osorio, 15, a sophomore at Northeast Jones High School and church pastor Roberto Velez.

“It’s the law, but they shouldn’t do it this way,” said Osorio, a Laurel native whose cousin was among those detained. “There are many other ways to solve this crisis."

“All they do is come here to work,” Osorio added. “They don’t have any other crimes, they don’t do anything else, they just work to provide for their children. And right now, most of them are scared to go out and they’re just terrified to go out and they don’t know if one day to the next, they’ll be there with their children.”

“Think of it as a situation now where people now feel terrorized," said Velez. “They won’t go out, they’re afraid to drive. People are scared. They’re confused and they don’t know what to do.”

Velez hopes President Trump and Congress will pass immigration legislation to make future ICE raids unnecessary.

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