First Alert: Friday morning forecast

First Alert: Friday morning forecast

The heat and storms from this afternoon will ease back once we get past sundown. Outflow boundaries from those storms will need to be monitored this evening for further storm development, but nothing is anticipated at this time. Temperatures will fall back into the 80s after sundown and into the 70s overnight.

No major shift to the weather pattern is anticipated in the coming days. Friday will be hot and humid again with highs in the mid-90s with a 30-percent chance for rain.

Saturday there will be a boost in the chance for rain as a little system falls south toward the Gulf. It isn't really a front as much as it is going to be a cluster of storms. Because of that, there will be a slightly higher chance for rain with highs still in the mid-90s. The chance for rain will be around 40 percent.

Sunday and Monday it remains how with a 30 percent chance for rain. Highs will be in the mid-90s.

By Tuesday and into Wednesday and Thursday of next week there will be a better chance for rain. Highs will ease back to the low 90s with a 30 to 40 percent chance each day.

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