Parent, pediatrician give tips for back to school transition

Parent, pediatrician give tips for back to school transition

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Summer break is over. Whether you are the parent or the student, it’s time to get back on track and into the school routine, and it isn’t the easiest transition. Julie Clinton can tell you it involves much more than school supplies.

From helping to organize the Lamar County School District’s Convocation at Temple Baptist Church to her role as the district’s test coordinator, Clinton helps to ensure the district is ready for students. She also makes sure three students in particular have a good start to a new school year.

“I have three children ranging from first grade to 10th grade,” Clinton said.

She said changes to make sure her household is ready for school begin while her kids are still on summer break.

“For the past two weeks we have been trying to go to bed a little earlier," Clinton said. “They’ve had a morning wake up schedule.”

Clinton said a smooth transition back to school, for her kids, means attention to their whole well-being: reading throughout the summer, cutting screen time and staying active.

“Just anything that sets the pace for what they are going to experience starting next week,” Clinton said.

She admitted an early return to a school routine is not just for kids.

“Routine, as a parent, helps so very much,” Clinton added.

Ellisville Pediatrician Patricia Tibbs said Clinton’s way of thinking is a good plan for parents to follow. Tibbs said parents should also make sure their kids have a positive mind frame about school.

“If parents are not involved actively and are not helping and instilling positive behaviors, then we find a lot of children do not do as well as they could,” Tibbs said.

Tibbs said diet plays a huge role in a child’s success in school.

“Fruit, vegetables, plenty of water, very little sugary drinks, if any,” Tibbs advised.

Clinton said these tips will help any student be their best self and have a healthy and helpful start to the 2019 school year.

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