Lottery tickets set to be sold in Miss. starting Dec. 1

Lottery tickets set to be sold in Miss. starting Dec. 1

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Buying lottery tickets in Mississippi is expected to be a reality in four months, with scratch-offs set to be on sale Dec. 1. Powerball and Mega Millions will likely arrive next spring.

Before any of that happens, the Mississippi Lottery Corporation needs to award a contract to a vendor, hire an advertising agency and get retailers on board. Communications director Meg Annison said the lottery corporation is working from the ground up and is asking for patience.

“Even though we’re not a state agency, we still adhere to the guidelines of open records laws, we report to the board that was appointed by the governor and again, even though we’re not part of the gaming commission, our gaming industry is so strong and so well received, we want to represent the lottery with integrity,” said Annison.

Annison said for the first 10 years of the lottery, any revenue up to $80 million will go toward infrastructure and anything over $80 million goes to education. After 10 years, the first $80 million will go to the general fund and anything above that will go toward education.

“Long term, I hope it’s able to help with roads and bridges. I mean, we’ve been talking about that for years, and help with education. There’s just not enough money for all these agencies to benefit, and so I hope that the lottery coming on board can really help sort of give an extra surge of money to these needs while providing entertainment for people,” said Annison.

Retailers wanting to sell lottery tickets must fill out an application, which can be found on the lottery corporation’s website at Applications should be available in a couple of days.

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