Parents encouraged to register their children for school

Parents encouraged to register their children for school

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Soon, students will be filling the halls and packing the classrooms for the new school year, but they must register first.

"We just try to give everyone everything they need to begin the year on a great start," said Long Leaf Elementary Principal Angela McCarty.

It’s not a difficult process to register in the Lamar County School District. You need some documents including a proof of residency, which is a water bill or electric bill.

When registering new students, parents also need to bring their child’s valid birth certificate and their immunization record.

“What we ask first is that you have a lease or mortgage that is current for the month and then all you have to add to that is a utility bill,” McCarthy said. “It just must be dated within the last 30 days of registration date. For everyone right now, that would be the July bill.”

Administrators say it's important to register or re-register students to make sure the school has important updated information.

“We require a nurses form to be completed each year, because you could have medical things that have changed from one year to the next,” McCarthy said. “We just like to have everything and to know it’s current, because when the children come in, we want to make sure we get them to the right home and are able to contact parents,.”

You will not be able to register your child if you bring a bill past due.

The district also wants people to keep in mind that filing false information is a felony.

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