Blood donations save Lamar County mother

Blood donations save Lamar County mother

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Lamar County, mom of two, Jenny Maul lives by this message: "Be thankful. Don't take for granted what or who you have in your life," Maul said. She said that's her outlook on life after coming too close to losing her own.

"She's not gonna make it. She's not gonna make it," Maul repeated.

Maul said she can remember a first responder saying those haunting words after her car accident in February.

“I lost my left arm, and, um, I almost bled out at the scene,” Maul recalled.

She said she was driving her one and six-year-old to visit her parents in Bassfield when a driver ran a stop sign and hit her. She said the driver was going so fast there was no time to react. She said she took the entire impact, and that’s something she’s grateful for.

“My one-year-old was in the seat right behind me, so he couldn’t have survived,” Maul said.

Maul said her kids were fine, but she said she nearly died right there on the highway. She said family and friends didn’t hesitate to help.

“Not long after the accident, the blood drives started happening and they had an awesome turnout,” Maul said.

Maul said during her rehabilitation, a friend explained to her the true impact of those blood donations.

" ‘That’s why they are having all these blood drives in your name because it’s like you depleted the shelves.’," Maul said.

She said until her car accident she had no idea what it meant to give blood. Maul said she never gave blood before, but she will now.

“I’m here because of those blood donations. I would not be here without it,” Maul said.

She wants everyone to know that you will be saving a life when you give blood, keeping a family together...saving a child from knowing the loss of its mother.

“For me, blood donations means life, for me and for my family,” Maul said.

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