Blood provider has a new name but same mission

Blood provider has a new name but same mission

MOSELLE, Miss. (WDAM) - They were one of the first to send blood to those in need in Desert Storm and victims in the aftermath of 9/11. Now, United Blood Services, which is the new Vitalant, wants your help to give the gift of life through blood donations for the sixth annual Blood Bowl Bash.

Beverly Clark said for 31 years, she’s been a part of providing blood for the community and she wants your help to keep that mission going.

Clark is the senior donor recruitment representative for Vitalant. If you are familiar with her and her job she said she is still with the same people, doing the same thing... providing blood to the same hospitals and those in need.

“So, every time I introduce myself I say, 'I’m Beverly Clark, United Blood Services, your new Vitalant Community Blood Provider,” Clark said.

Clark said she has seen the difference blood donations can make, even practicing what she preaches and giving blood herself 103 times. She said she gives blood because you never know when it will be your loved one in need.

“Got that call from my youngest daughter, ‘Mom, head to the trauma center at Forrest General Dad’s been in an accident," Clark said." Got there, they were prepping him for surgery and the surgeon came out and said,'Ms. Beverly, it’s a good possibility he is gonna need blood."

Clark said it takes more than 125 units of blood every day to make sure local needs are met in the Pine Belt. She said those units don’t make it to the shelves without the public’s help.

“This blood drive is going to bring our local blood supply, plus the other hospitals that we service, up to an adequate level,” Clark said.

She said the goal of this year’s Blood Bowl Bash is 500 units, topping last years 453.

Clark said with seven cities participating she is hopeful residents can make that number happen and have fun at the same time.

“And a lot of these mayors of their Blood Bowl in their community take it very, very seriously," Clark said. "They want to be the one that donates the most units of blood for their community.”

Clark said when it’s your city’s turn, come out and be a hero; give blood.

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