Collins Fire Department gets grain bin rescue equipment

Collins Fire Department receives grain rescue tube

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - The Collins Fire Department will soon have a very specialized piece of rescue equipment that will help save people who get trapped in grain.

Nationwide Insurance has awarded CFD a grain bin safety rescue tube.

Only 34 fire departments across the country got one this year.

Collins firefighters participated in a grain rescue exercise just a few months ago.

“The grain tube that we’re receiving is made by a corporation and the name of the tube is The Great Wall of Rescue,” said John Pope, chief of the Collins Fire Department. “It’s a lightweight, aluminum, panelized system. It can be expanded to the maximum size of the number of panels there or you can reduce it, depending on the workspace that you need.”

“Purdue University does a complete data summary each year of these types of rescue incidents or (entrapment) and it’s been documented, there were over 40 last year, in 2017, there were over 30, so it is a common incident that happens in agricultural settings,” Pope said.

Collins will receive the rescue equipment in August.

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