Community puts on benefit for Linda Hartfield

Community puts on benefit for Linda Hartfield

PURVIS, Miss. (WDAM) - This past February, Linda Hartfield was hit by a vehicle as she walked through a parking lot and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

She has undergone multiple brain surgeries and was hospitalized for more than eight weeks.

“It definitely was unexpected, but most things in life are," said Linda’s son Ethan Hartfield.” We’ve been able to handle it well. It’s brought our family closer together. We thank the Lord for that.”

Community members in Purvis put on an auction benefit on Saturday to help raise money for Hartfield and her family.

“She is healing, but it’s taking time,” said volunteer Justin Starling. "She will need more medical care, home care and nursing care. We’re all out here to just have a wonderful time for her. To celebrate her and to raise money to hopefully benefit her and help her out in this situation and her family.”

Hundreds of items were donated by the community and local businesses for the event.

“She’s well known in the community, loved," said Starling.” They wanted to give things for her. We had all these items that we needed to do something with. What better way to do it than have an auctioneer up there calling them out, one, two, three. and all that fun stuff.”

Family members of Hartfield said it’s overwhelming the amount of support the community is showing.

“To see everyone come out and support her has just been really great,” said Ethan. "She’s very appreciative. If anybody knows Linda, they know that she has a heart of gold. It’s good for us to be able to give back to her after all that she’s been able to give to us.”

If you would like to donate to the Linda Hartfield benefit, you can call Jurea Purvis at (601)-408-0040.

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