Euroha wraps up biennial reunion with luncheon

Euroha wraps up biennial reunion with luncheon

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The Euroha Alumni Association hosted its 17th biennial reunion this week, for graduates and former students of Eureka, Royal Street, Hattiesburg, and L.J. Rowan high schools.

"Some of us have been out of school for 50 to 60 years,” said Richard Barnett, Euroha Treasurer. “We just meet and try to reminisce and just to see old friends from high school.”

The week consisted of numerous events including a sock hop, golf tournament, talent show, and many other things. The week ended on Sunday with a Farewell luncheon.

Association board members said they put this reunion on to reminisce on their childhood.

"We kind of say farewell to each other until the next two years,” said Barnett. “We put this on every two years. After today, we will all go home and look forward to having this again in 2021.”

Jenna Burkette is a 1969 graduate of L.J. Rowan High School. She now lives in Virginia.

Burkette said coming home and seeing all her old classmates really brought the memories flooding back.

"It’s like a coming home type thing you know,” said Burkett. “When you go away and then you come back and you just feel the warmth and the love. It just almost brings you to tears. We’ve had such a great time.”

Burkette said it’s bittersweet to see her old schools being turned into elementary schools and junior highs, but she said the changes are good for the city.

"We remember times when we were teenagers and that was a big thing back then,” said Burkett. “We think, oh it’s different, it’s changed. But change is good. Change is not always a bad thing. It’s a good thing. We’re happy that the city is growing.”

The Euroha Alumni Association puts this reunion on every two years.

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