Lumberton VFD gets $5,000 grant

Lumberton VFD gets $5,000 grant

LUMMBERTON, Miss. (WDAM) - Plains Pipeline Company awarded the Lumberton Volunteer Fire Department more than $5,000 in an equipment grant.

"This is really big for them,” said Lamar County Fire Coordinator George Stevens.

The grant will be used to get a new set of cutters, which are used to cut into vehicles at crash scenes. Stevens said after serious review, the cutters are what was really needed by the department.

"These are battery operated cutters. That’s becoming the next generation of cutting tools,” said Stevens.

The department currently has hydraulic cutters, but, as Volunteer Fire Chief Perry Herrin explained, they are not as efficient as the battery-operated ones.

“It’s going to help us in the field tremendously because it is portable,” said Herrin. “It’s not like the hydraulic ones with the hoses and the extra engine and everything. With this one, you can be more versatile with what you can to do with it.”

Herrin said this grant will be a huge asset to the department.

“This is something that will improve our response to crash scenes,” Herrin said. “It takes a burden off the county and it helps us obtain very much needed equipment.”

The Lumberton Volunteer Fire Department currently has eight volunteer firefighters and is hoping to be expanding team members soon.

The volunteer fire department is the smallest of all the volunteer departments in Lamar County.

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