Pine Belt residents learn about gun safety

Pine Belt residents learn about gun safety

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Some Pine Belt residents spent their Saturday learning how to properly and safely handle a handgun at the Enhanced Carry Class at Close Quarter Combat Tactical Training and Self Defense.

"If you can remember to keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction and keep your finger off the trigger,” explained gun safety instructor Joseph Green. “Then you never have to worry about negligently shooting someone or something you don't want to shoot."

Tamber Goff was the only female in the class. She said she wants to be able to protect her family if she needs too.

“A lot of times, as females, we like to rely on our husbands to take up the guns and protect us,” said Goff. "I think it’s important to understand how to use a gun and use it properly and safely to where we are comfortable with it ourselves.”

Clay Bates is a former police officer who took the class to learn to better protect himself and his family.

Bates said it’s important for everyone, even those raised around guns, to learn how to use them the right way.

"There are too many people out here that have been around guns all their lives, yet they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn because they have not been trained in how to safely handle their weapon,” said Bates.

Oak Grove Baptist Church pastor Lee Shope said he grew up around guns his whole life. He said after the church shootings that have happened over the last few years, he felt he needed to be properly trained on the safety aspects of guns to be able to protect those in his church.

"If somebody decides they want to come into the church and start doing something with bad intentions on their heart, I want to be able to protect myself as well as my church members,” said Shope.

There will be another Enhanced Carry Class on July 13.

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