Cattle killed on ranchers property in Beaumont

Cattle killed on rancher’s property in Beaumont

PERRY COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Jerry Hinton is a Beaumont farmer who raises cows and calves. When he walked on his land on Sunday, he noticed something devastating.

His Red Angus bull was dead in the middle of his field. Hinton said he believes the bull was shot and that he found a bullet hole inside his cattle.

Investigators told WDAM the cause of death has not been confirmed and that the investigation is ongoing.

Hinton took it upon himself to help find the person who possibly could have done this to his bull, so he went to social media and posted a picture of the bull and a $500 reward.

“I found him Sunday and I think he was shot probably Wednesday or Thursday," Hinton said. “I talked to the vet and he said he could have lived 20 or 24 hours after he was shot.”

Hinton said that farmers make a living off of the cattle that they breed.

“We don’t make enough money as it is with this to lose these kinds of animals,” said Hinton.

Hinton also said that situations like these puts farmers in a bind when they are trying to provide for their family.

“You cannot buy bulls cheap and raise a good calf," Hinton said. “It makes a few dollars and you lose a few dollars and we’ve lost a bunch of dollars now.”

Hinton plans to buy a new bull and some new gear for his property. To protect his cattle in the future, Hinton said that he will have cameras installed just in case this ever happens again.

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