Merit Health Wesley offers new robotic-assisted surgery

Merit Health Wesley offers new robotic-assisted surgery

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Technology has been changing the world of medicine for many years now. The latest in medical technology is making a difference in the lives of Merit Health Wesley patients right now.

Dr. Brandon Ingram, general and bariatric surgeon at Merit Health Wesley, gave a demonstration on the new da Vinci Xi Robotic System Monday afternoon to show how a machine is transforming the way he performs surgery.

As he sat down at the controls of the da Vinic Xi, he talked through his movements while looking through the 3D screen of the robot.

“Now, I am taking a suture and closing that and suturing it back together,” Ingram said.

Ingram explained the machine is making a big difference in traditional surgeries.

“So, the robotic system here allows us to do minimally invasive surgery, more complex minimally invasive surgery," Ingram said. "It allows us to take procedures that would otherwise only be accomplished with an open procedure, which means large incisions and much more pain afterwards, and allows us to convert it to a minimally invasive approach.”

Which means when he performs surgeries like hernia repairs, weight loss surgeries and colon resections, patients won’t have to worry about large scars, extended hospital stay or a long recovery.

“The major advantage of this machine: allows patients to go home immediately after surgery as oppose to an inpatient hospitalization, and it also decreases their pain postoperatively,” Ingram said.

He explained the surgeon’s work all takes place at the controls. The handles that control the movement of the utensils the surgeon uses to perform surgery have 360 degree movement, and they can mimic what the doctor wants.

The robot, with very small attachments, goes inside the patient to make the smallest incisions. The surgeon sits at the controls, seeing a 3D view inside the patient. From there, the surgeon performs the entire surgery using the controls. Ingram said the robot yields the ultimate result: reduced trauma to the body.

"Taking more complex procedures such as large hernias, large colons procedures, making them more minimally invasive has been the biggest advancement in my career," Ingram added.

The da Vinci Xi Robotic System is also used for other surgeries like invasive gynecology and urology procedures.

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