Community speaks out on changes to Nora Davis Magnet School

Community speaks out on changes to Nora Davis Magnet School

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - Former students of Nora Davis said they have concerns regarding the changes to the school.

"We want to keep this school open,” said Jessica Thompson, a former student.

“I love this school, said Terrance Sherby," a former student. ”It was the best school to be at.”

People in Laurel are making their voices heard about the school district’s decision to transform Nora Davis Magnet school into a Family Interactive Center.

"They chose to go to the school that has always exemplified excellence,” said a Laurel resident.

"I do think it’s a good idea,” said Thompson. “But I do not think that it’s a good idea to shut down this school because of that. This is already a school. It’s already established, it’s already here. There’s no need to touch it.”

This all comes after the school district released information to the public last year explaining plans to make several changes to the elementary schools.

Parents and former students of Nora Davis gathered at the school Sunday to sign petitions in efforts of “Saving Nora Davis.”

“They’re trying to spread awareness and let the community know that we are here, and we do care about Nora Davis," said parent Komedian Krazik Page. ”We do care about the community. We do care about our kids. We do care about the teachers who are teaching here.”

Community members said there is too much history and memories in the school for it to be wiped away.

"We could come here and walk these halls and remember the days we were in school. Now our kids are feeling the same way. They are going through and experiencing the same thing. Now that is being taken away from them and they don’t have a voice,” said Page.

According to the school district, several meetings dating back to October 5 of 2018 were held discussing plans regarding the changes, but it wasn’t approved by a federal judge until June 14 of this year.

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