Interchange project on I-59, MS-42 moving forward

Interchange project on I-59, MS-42 moving forward

FORREST COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - You’ve probably seen a change on Interstate 59 around the Evelyn Gandy Parkway exit.

Trees have been knocked down and dirt work has started. This is all part of a $24 million interchange project.

Southern District Transportation Commissioner Tom King said the work has been moving forward over the last two months.

“Yes well, we have to clear these trees for the improvements that will be making on the bridge,” King said. “Some of them will be ramp improvements, some will be turn lane improvements. We have to have all those improvements before we can really start the actual work on the bridge itself.”

King said the interchange is being created to accomplish to keep drivers safe and improve traffic flow through the area.

“The traffic really backs up tremendously on Gandy and then some of the routes we’re going to make much safer for the traffic public,” King said.

Two new frontage roads will complete the plan on the east and west sides of I-59. One road will connect Highway 42 to River Road and the other will connect traffic between Eatonville and Braswell roads.

“We’re extending the third lanes and we’re going to widen the bridge of two lanes to four-lane and we really have a frontage road that will improve traffic,” King said.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation project engineer said it should be finished by early 2021.

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